A world at risk?

“Dr. Hank Parker knows his stuff, and once you read this book you will too.”

—Dr. Robert A. Heckert, BSc, DVM, PhD, CBSP

About Hank

Hank Parker, Ph.D., is a writer, biodefense specialist, and lecturer. He has been a U.S. Naval officer and deep-sea salvage diver; a seaweed farmer in the Philippines; a co-leader of an expedition that discovered and recovered remains of a 17th Century Spanish Manila galleon; a senior executive and research manager at the U.S. Department of Agriculture where he helped lead programs to protect United States food and agriculture; a consultant on homeland security; a university professor of marine science; and an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Medical Center where he taught a graduate course on biohazardous threats to the U.S. food supply. He lives in Vermont.


It’s a race against time to both find a vaccine and unravel a bio-terrorist conspiracy when a terrifying new tick-borne virus is traced to an extremist group in Southeast Asia. Government epidemiologist Mariah Rossi must leave the safety of her lab behind to help CIA agent Curt Kennedy track the disease to its source.

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Praise for Hank's Work

“This is a true thriller with non-stop action and a terrifyingly realistic look at what could happen if terrorists were able to release a virus in America.”

—Scott McEwen, coauthor of American Sniper and author of Ghost Sniper

“A chilling novel that shows just how vulnerable we are to viruses and other weapons aimed not at our skyscrapers and transit systems, but at our very biological makeup.”

—Clint Emerson, author of 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition

“A fast-moving debut biothriller featuring a mad scientist and his icky pets… With a nice little zinger at the end, this is a satisfying tale told by an expert on bioterrorism.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Parker is a science expert, giving his first novel authenticity when it comes to the terrifying potential of a man-made virus that might kill millions…”


“Highly reminiscent of The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton, this thriller brings you to the very edge of scientific breakthrough and psychotic genius…leaves you gasping and breathless until the very last page.”

San Francisco Book Review

“…a first rate, and fast-paced adventure. It grabs the reader, and keeps them reading. As a first novel, CONTAINMENT is outstanding entertainment.”

The Daily News, Galveston County, TX

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I am nearing completion of a new novel, SWARM, another bioterror thriller about bioengineered bees and microdrones carrying deadly payloads.

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